Share your branch

One of the biggest, smallest cultural changes your software team can make.

The Benefits of Being Alone

I've radically changed one of my biggest daily habits in the past month. It's been transformational. You should try it.

Should you use Redux in 2021?

The Redux a story has gotten complicated. It seems to have gone from essential to optional in the past few years, but is it still useful? Is it worth the effort? And how much effort is it exactly?

Moving from WordPress to NextJS

Changing your personal site can be a bit like moving house. It's a ton of work, a series of compromises, a leap of faith, and a hope that you've made the right decision.

Why a blog?

It seems like there's never time to devote to something 'optional' and 'extra' like a blog. But recently, as my list of blog post ideas has grown and grown, it feels like the time has come. Let's write.

That time I hated my job

I hated a job once. And I mean really, truly hated it. Some signs to watch out for to see if you too might hate your job.

Switching to Dvorak

Reducing my productivity by 1,000% in the hopes of eventually improving by 15%.