Why a blog?

It's November 1st. A new month. I will begin this new month with some renewed focus on writing.

It's just time. There's simply too much to write about — at work and at home and on the internet, in my workshop. Everywhere. There's just so much. I want to talk and converse and share. I want pull back the curtains, if only just a bit.

On the technical front, there's so many directions to go in these days, so much to play with. There's so much to explore and learn and weigh. There's backend frameworks, and (still) frontend frameworks, some old and some new. There's entire replacements for backends now (database-as-a-service or backend-as-a-service) as they're sometimes called. There's entirely new ways to deploy sites. Netlify has their own CMS, Vercel has their own....well everything. WordPress has changed a ton. Rails remains so attractive, if far away from me. Laravel too. Then things like Redwood. So much to play with and think about, and then write about.

On the career front, I've grown so much these past few years. I've learned a tremendous amount. I've worked with some incredible teams and launched some wonderful projects. I've made some amazing friends. I spend roughly half of my time now involved in recruiting, orientation and training activities. Somehow, in this company that I felt like a complete imposter in when I started 8 years ago, has given me the time and space to learn and grow and give back.

On the home front, my kids are growing so quickly into truly amazingly kind, caring, smart, funny, curious humans.

So here we are. A blog. I hope to write and share, and I hope you'll write and share back.

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