Hey, welcome! I'm Terry Sutton, a frontend developer based in Newfoundland, Canada. This is a selection of my personal and professional work, along with a little bit about me.

The boy, always ready for anything. Fuji XT100F.

I've been a frontend developer for some 15+ years now, working from the far Eastern reaches of North America in St. John's Newfoundland.

My love of web development started in university when I met a fellow student who showed me some basic HTML and CSS. He drew out a table with pencil and paper, leaving a cell missing in one of the rows — "figure out how to make that in HML and you're all set" he said.

I currently work at Supabase, helping build the next generation of platforms for frontenders like me.

Prior to that, I spent 7 years at 10up—a leading web agency. I've had the opportunity to learn from some of the smartest people in the industry and work on some truly giant and complex websites.


At Supabase, I work on the frontend of all of our various tools and products. I help write docs (and helped build the docs site), and mostly work on the client dashboard used by thousands of developers every day.

In my seven year tenure at 10up, I've worked on projects large and small for some of the world's top brands.

A small selection of these can be found here.

I also enjoy working on small side projects that solve specific problems. I have a timezone converter to help coordinate meetings with international team members, a shopping list app that works precisely how I want it to, and I'm currently working on a live-searchable index of the Tely 10, an almost 100 year old 10 mile road race.