No one is stopping you

Your natural-born talents and abilities have a ceiling. You learn that pretty quickly growing up. Your potential ceiling might be way higher than your current ceiling (you can train to run faster and jump higher), but there's still a rough maximum.

This applies to design and engineering just as well as it does at jumping and running. You may simply not have the capacity or output potential of someone who's a true 10x designer or engineer.

But, don't despair. There's so much more you can be.

There's nothing stopping you from being the most:

  • caring
  • friendly
  • passionate
  • obsessed
  • thoughtful
  • forward-thinking
  • careful
  • detail-oriented
  • supportive
  • uplifting
  • encouraging
  • objective person at your company.

Nor are you prevented in any way from being the best:

  • writer
  • QA person
  • community manager
  • helper
  • supporter
  • code reviewer
  • deployer
  • onboarding buddy
  • ticket resolver
  • customer helper

person at your company.

There's 22 things you can be the absolute best at in your company.

You can literally become the most thoughtful person at your entire company. No matter how big it is.

Just imagine if you were! Wouldn't that be extremely rewarding in its own right? Just imagine being able to say: "I am the most thoughtful person at this entire company". Or "I am the best person in this entire company for doing QA on new features". Just think how valuable you would be!

The best part is that you start down any of these paths (or all of them) today.

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