I slept well last night. What an incredible two day experiment this has been. Today, I feel the opposite of all the things I felt yesterday: not tired, not irritable, not unfocused. I also feel more optimistic, hopeful, "postitive" in general, energetic. All the things.

The data is in: feeling bad? Get a good night's sleep.

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I was made shockingly aware of how important sleep is today. I had a relatively poor night of sleep last night, getting just 4hrs or so between 2-6am. I normally get about 7hrs between 11pm-6am. I might need more than that, but I normally feel just great at 7hrs.

With just 4hrs in the tank today, I feel: tired (obviously), irritable, unfocused, etc.

No idea how "grind culture" won out over "well-rested culture". It feels so obvious to me as I sit here operating at about 75% capacity that a good night's sleep is the steam that powers everything else.

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