Finally bought a Raspberry Pi to start playing with. I bought one a few years back to install Pi-hole for ad-blocking, but I never took it out of the box till this year. When I did, it was broken.

A round of Christmas Nintendo Switch playing prompted me to think about getting a Pi for this purpose. I only really want to play retro games with the kids, and the Switch is such a delicate system. Seems like every time we pick it up there's something broken on it.

So I bought a Pi 4 Model B. So far so good. I've been reluctant to do this for years, not out of technical intimidation but because I thought it would require a bunch of aggravating messing around: power supplies, usb cables, controllers, terrible docs sites etc. But I was pleasantly suprised.

In less than an hour I was playing the original Super Mario via RetroPie and a hard-wired PS4 controller. Finding and loading games ("roms") was actually pretty easy too.

Way easier and less futzing than I was expecting. Huge win. And the boy is thrilled. If you're curious, you should give it a go. You can have all you need for less than a hundred bucks.

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Working on an app to analyze banking info.

Three things have spring to mind while building this:

  1. NextJS's app router has made this kind of thing so nice. Hard to explain. It was obviously possible before, but it all feels so effortless and straightforward now.
  2. It's really, really easy for little purchases to add up.
  3. Kids cost a lot of money! A lot of money: just daycare, school lunch and after-school activities (swimming, dance, etc) is in the range of $10k /yr.
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