As I’ve been working on some quite old side projects lately, I realize that I am past the point of struggle on many of the core things I use: TypeScript, NextJS, Tailwind, Supabase, config, linting, etc. As I look back on some very old projects, I see a bunch of this stuff that I struggled with and now I’m able to see them clearly and move them forward.

I resurrected the banking project over the last two nights that I'd abandoned years ago. It was an old-old Next site in a total mess. I was trying to build the project, trying to learn TypeScript, trying to use React Query, it also had Mobx in there, so it was also using that at some point. A mess!

In just two nights, I had it fully working. And most of the existing stuff needed to be redone, so it wasn't like I was just picking up where I left off.

Three keys: — knowing the tools — using great, modern tools (Next14 / app router) — ChatGPT for the time-consuming stuff (parsing strings, formatting dates, etc)

What a time to be writing code.

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